Yosemite Cache Cleaner for Mac v9 Free Download with Full Activation Code

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Free Mac Software to Download - Yosemite Cache Cleaner v9 for Mac OSX Free Download
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Yosemite Cache Cleaner for Mac Free Download  : Yosemite Cache Cleaner is an award-winning general purpose tool for OS X. YCC makes system maintenance simple with an easy point-and-click interface to many OS X functions. Novice and expert users alike will appreciate the powerful toolset YCC provides. Yosemite Cache Cleaner is one of the world’s leading maintenance tools, with millions of downloads around the globe.

New Features added :
CPU temperature now reports in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
Updates ClamAV to 0.98.6
Minor optimizations and improvements

Total Download Size: 29.5 MB

Download Yosemite Cache Cleaner with Serial Key:

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